When we first came here, we did not know anyone!

Robin & Josh

We love building communities and organising cool stuff!

We are Robin & Josh, together for almost ten years and we moved from The Netherlands to this beautiful part of the world in late 2018 at a relatively young age.

Robin is the type of person that cares about everyone’s well being and founded a full service marketing agency that empowers female marketers all over the globe.

Josh loves taking photos and videos, especially for brands that would like to build a following on social media. And he is really passionate about skateboarding.

When we first came here, we didn’t know anyone here and couldn’t speak French, but we absolutely loved the region.

There are so many beautiful places to visit, a lot of history, delicious things to eat and drink, many sports and really interesting people to meet.

After an interesting journey of trying to get some “simple” things done, we focused on getting in touch with some people.

We found a few local networking groups, attended some events and met quite some friendly faces. But we missed some things.

Our approach

We like to keep things simple and casual!

We really enjoy connecting people and were inspired to give it our own touch and feel. And we believe that keeping it casual works best.

No name tags or need to listen to a presentation that you’re not interested in. Just like-minded English speakers having a drink in a casual setting and enjoying life.

If there’s a click with someone, you will naturally follow up during or after the meetup. And we don’t want to interfere in that process.

Ever since we launched the club in 2019, we have been carefully listening to what our 700+ members think we should improve and what’s missing in their lives.

What we found is that our members can be divided into two groups of people. Those that would like to socialise and  those that would like to expand their network.

That’s why we have introduced two types of memberships, “The Socialiser” and “The Networker”, with both its own and unique approach.

In the end, we are just two young and ambitious adventurers enjoying our lives here and want to add as much value to our community as possible.