About Us.

When we first came here, we didn’t know anyone!

We are Robin & Josh – a young couple and working together for almost ten years. When we thought about moving to the French Riviera, we didn’t have any friends or a professional network here. But we absolutely loved the culture and sunny days so we decided to go for it!

Once here we realised how important having a social life actually is and quickly understood that people can easily feel lonely. So we attended several social and networking events but most of the times it was awkward, focused on nationality or we were told horror stories about everything that’s wrong with France.

But that’s not us. We are young, adventurous, want to learn the language of love, want to integrate here and simply believe that meeting should be a lot of fun and excitement! That’s why we started organising casual and relaxed meetups and created a community of English speakers on the French Riviera. 

And boy did our lives changed! We have already met so many lovely people from literally everywhere with inspiring stories, interesting backgrounds and everyone is so open-minded and super friendly.

If you’re new here – before signing up for the membership, just come to one of our meetups to experience the vibe yourself and have a chat with us. We will introduce you to the other guests and can’t wait to get to know you!