FAQ & Support.

General questions answered – hope this helps 🙂


Which membership is for me?

Would you like to make friends, have a social life and attend casual events on the Côte d’Azur? Choose The Socialiser!

Are you looking for an easy way to expand your network on the French Riviera? Choose The Networker!

Do you want both? Choose The Networker!

Can I have a trial?

The best way to experience the club before signing up is attending a meetup. We will offer you a discount equal to your ticket price if you decide to sign up afterwards!

Can I change my membership?

Yes, you can up- and downgrade your membership at any time. Contact us to discuss the details!

How can I pay for my membership?

Online – Stripe is our payment provider because it’s super safe and easy for you!

Currently the following payment methods are supported: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, SEPA Direct Debit, iDeal, Bancontact and SOFORT!

Can I transfer money manually?

Yes! If you’re having problems with our or Eventbrite’s system we have a back-up plan. You could send the money via PayPal (click here) or to IBAN: NL61 INGB 0008 2328 64

Memberships run for how long?

Your membership is valid for one year – starting from the date of joining – and will be renewed automatically but you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time!

Is this only for French people?

No absolutely not – it’s for everyone working or living on the French Riviera. We are all people, that’s what matters. Everyone speaks at least a basic level of English to make communicating easier.

Can I pay annually?

Yes – your membership will be charged annually for the upcoming period! 

I think I paid twice

No worries at all! We will either cancel the reservation on your creditcard or send the money back straight back to you!

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, your invoice will be generated within a few days after a successful payment and you can find it in your account!


What should I wear?

Something that makes you feel comfortable and good! The dresscode is casual and that means that you can wear almost anything but we think that sweatpants are a bit too casual.

Can you introduce me?

Heck yeah, you will be welcomed at each event by us. Josh likes the technical stuff so he will probably scan your ticket, have a chat and Robin will introduce you to the others!

Where do you organise events?

Generally somewhere in Alpes-Maritimes between Monaco and Cannes.

Do you invite me?

Yes, members will be invited first to events at a discounted rate if not free. Non-members can buy a ticket at the normal listing price.

I tried to pay but it failed!?

Oh no, sorry for the trouble. You can refresh the page and try it again. It won’t happen but in case you have paid twice, we will refund in full! 

Can I transfer money manually?

Yes! If you’re having problems with our or Eventbrite’s system we have a back-up plan. You could send the money via PayPal (click here) or to IBAN: NL61 INGB 0008 2328 64

Eventbrite charges the full amount – can’t see my discount?

No worries – this is what you need to do!


  1. Go to the event page on Eventbrite
  2. Click on the button – Tickets – and a window will pop-up
  3. Click on – Enter promo code – in the top left corner
  4. Enter your discount code and hit Enter or click on Apply
  5. Your discount will be applied and you can proceed to checkout!

Can I just show up last minute?

We will scan your ticket on arrival so we kindly ask you to book a ticket online in advance.  This saves a lot of time and prevents a queue!

Do I get a discount?

Yes, as a member you will get free access to meetups and up to 30% discount on other ticket prices.

How can I claim my discount?

On our event page – click on Get Tickets and you will be redirected to Eventbrite! Click on Tickets. In the top-left corner you will find Enter promo code. Enter your code and you’re done!

Do you take photos?

Oh yes we do! We love taking photos and sometimes a video. It will be published on our gallery page and social channels. On request we can send them to you as well!

Where can I get tickets?

You can get your tickets on Eventbrite – it’s super safe and easy for you! We thought about selling it directly on our website but hey, why should we try to reinvent the wheel.

Can’t make it, do you refund?

You can cancel up to 72 hours before an event and receive a full refund – No questions asked! After that tickets are non-refundable but transferable. Send us an email to discuss the details!

Can I get a refund when the event is cancelled?

Yes, you will be fully refunded if an event is cancelled!

How can I pay?

Online – Eventbrite is our event ticketing partner and they offer most common payment methods. It’s super safe and easy to use!

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a tax invoice from Eventbrite after completing your order. It will be send to you by email.

Directory website.

Can I use the same login?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible yet. The directory website and this website have a different database that’s why you have to create a new account on the directory website.

Is it free to use?

Yes, you can use our directory website for free! Create your personal company page to present yourself online and use it to find other businesses on the French Riviera! 

Online channels.

Do you use social media?

Yes we absolutely do! We are most active on Instagram and on Facebook with groups.

Can you promote my business?

We don’t do sponsored posts but sometimes we interview our members and announce that on our social channels.

What is your official account?

We have listed them all on this webpage – click, click, click!

Can I meet the community?

Absolutely, we have created a few groups on Facebook  for you! This is the community, this is about networking and this one’s for hiking 🙂

Couldn’t find the answer to your question? Or would you like to submit some info to add to this page? Use the contact form on this page and we will start working on it immediately!