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Become a community leader to represent the club locally and make things happen.

What is a community leader?

Community leaders represent us and the club locally. We are on a mission to expand territory so we can help more people connect in a relaxed atmosphere where friendships and partnerships are made.

All of this starts with local representatives. You will help us build communities and make members feel included, welcome and at comfort. As a result of your efforts, we can organise more events and help more people!

Which all together simply adds more value to the community!

Expectations from you

What we expect from you as a community leader is simple. You represent us locally by welcoming members at our events and helping them feel comfortable. And help develop local communities.

To be even more precise – we have described below what your role as a community leader looks like. And what we expect from you.

✓ Welcome people

Make the members and guests feel welcome. You will scan their tickets on arrival and explain how the event works.

✓ Preparations

Be present 30 minutes before the event starts. You can use this time to setup the roll-up banner and welcome early arrivals.

✓ Closing

After the event ends you will take down the roll-up banners. Thank the attendees for attending and ask if they could review us on Google or Facebook.

✓ Availability

Based on your availability we will determine which events will be hosted by you. The most important thing for us is that we can rely on you. Meaning you don’t have to be available all the time but could let us know in advance when you are available.

✓ Represent and respect our values

We live by a simple rule in life, which is that everyone is equal but not the same.

Being equal means we are all human, we are all people and you are not more or less than someone else. No matter what you do, where you live or come from.

On the other hand, not being the same means that we may have different backgrounds. Or financial statuses, interests, political views, opinions and appearances.

Embrace those differences as this makes us unique. Trying to understand each other by communicating will widen your horizon and can lead to very interesting conversations.

Negativity is a choice and so is positivity. We don’t tolerate racism, bullying, threatening and welcome everyone with the same positivity and respect!

✓ Invite friends and contacts to join the club as well

We would like you to invite people to join the club in order to grow the local communities. This can be by inviting your friends to sign up via your referral link but also explaining the benefits of joining the club to event attendees.

Of course all assuming you see and have proof of the value we add to people on the French Riviera.

What can you expect from us?

We basically take care of the rest so you can entirely focusing on making attendees feel welcome and building a local community.

This means we provide you with an app to scan tickets, give you all the instructions and support you need to prepare, we promote the event to ensure a great attendance and we also organise everything with the venue so you have nothing to worry or stress about!


As a community leader, you are good with people and need to be able to make people feel comfortable. That is most important, in addition to this amazing skill we have some requirements which you can find below.

✓ High level of conversational English and you preferably speak a basic level French

✓ You are a member of the club, meaning you are subscribed to one of our membership

✓ Positive attitude and genuinely interested in people


Not only will you be seen as community leader, which will give you status and is definitely a conversation starter with attendees. Giving you a perfect opportunity to talk about your professional career and business. Community leaders also benefit from a special rewards program for signing up members and spreading the word.

✓ Mention on our website as community leader

✓ You will be introduced on our social channels as one of our community leaders

✓ Special rewards program for signing up members

✓ Opportunity for promotion at the events hosted by you

✓ We organise annual BBQs for our community leaders to connect, share thoughts and define the future together

How to become a community leader

Send us a message using the contact form below to let us know that you would like to become a community leader. As you will be representing us and the club locally, it will be important for us to meet you and see if we are a match!

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