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Brad Nonnenmacher

by | Nov 3, 2023

In this series, we are interviewing members of our club, so that you can get to know each other a bit better. Today we talk with Brad Nonnenmacher about his life and work in the region.

What brought you to the French Riviera?

My wife. She was born here on the Riviera and after 15 years living in Australia with me – and 3 kids later, it was time to change things up and add a European experience within the family. So now we’ve been here for one year!

Could you tell us about your professional career? What do or did you do for work?

Magali Nonnenmacher

With 14 years’ experience in marketing, communications and brand management for major multinational groups, Magali is fully committed to each project until it succeeds.

A cheerful perfectionist, Magali will be your key contact throughout our collaboration.

With her, nothing is left to chance. From marketing campaign management to content creation. She’s a real all-rounder who knows how to manage every aspect of your project effectively, while keeping your corporate objectives in sight.

Brad Nonnenmacher

Creative Director with over 30 years’ experience. Passionate about design and illustration. He finds inspiration as soon as he has a pencil in his hand and a sheet of paper in front of him. His creativity is matched only by his dedication to every visual project he undertakes.

With a unique artistic vision for each brand, Brad is able to bring to life innovative concepts that captivate audiences.

Each visual element is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of your brand while meeting your business objectives.

Teaming up together ensures that your project benefits from both our core skill sets.

What does your company do?

CherryComms is a Communication Agency specialised in visual design. We combine efficiency, creativity and excellence to help bring your concept to market.

My wife Magali and I have forged this exceptional synergy over a 15 year period, working for major brands in Australia and France.

Magali brings precision and organisation to your personal journey. Fluent in French, she brings the ‘understanding’ of the local landscape to the table.

I bring Creative Direction to each project with concept. All the way through to print and finished product!

Together, we deliver stunning graphics that bring your brand to life and successfully capture your target/core audience.

What is your best advice to others thinking about living or working on the French Riviera?

Surround yourself with like minded people. Positive and accepting. The language barrier living outside of Australia (without a good grasp on the French language) is a challenge for me.

So, bouncing off expats with similar situations have helped me mentally move forward living abroad.

Fun facts about Brad Nonnenmacher!

Since when do you live on the French Riviera?

August 2022.

Where are you originally from?

Sydney, Australia.

What languages do you speak?


What is your favourite wine?


What is your favourite spot on the French Riviera?

Cannes and Sainte-Maxime.

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