Byro Allé

Meet the family Walle!

Aafter abruptly deciding to move from their home country of Norway, in favour of the South of France, they found themselves increasingly inspired to do what they love together!

They share a love of ambiance, interior design, and delicious, healthy cooking. And they have made a dream come true by opening Byro Allé. A norwegian meets mediterranean restaurant in the lovely Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Hanne (mom) is an Interior Designer, with a unique ability to combine simplicity and ambiance, it is impossible not to feel “hygge” wherever she has laid her creative hand.

Stein (dad) has contributed to – and started several successful businesses.

Helena (eldest daughter) has a serene interest in health and well-being. Focusing on minimalistic living and the philosophy that if you feel good, everything feels good.

Linnea (youngest daughter) is in charge of the seasonal and pescatarian menu. Combining food, design and utmost love and respect of nature as a core mentality.

Give Byro Allé / them a visit to experience and treat yourself to something good, literally!

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