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Carrie Frais

by | Jan 31, 2024

In this series, we are interviewing members of our club, so that you can get to know each other a bit better. Today we talk with Carrie Frais about her life and work in the region. And how she founded the MumAbroad community.

MumAbroad is one of Europe’s leading english-language resources for English-speaking families moving to a new country or living in France, Italy, Spain or Germany. Over the past 15 years, we’ve become a trusted voice for thousands of international families, sharing tried and tested recommendations from other parents who’ve shared similar life experiences.

How MumAbroad first started

MumAbroad was founded in 2008 by Carrie Frais, a British broadcast journalist, entrepreneur and copywriter based in Barcelona. A few years after moving to the city, Carrie and her husband found themselves preparing for parenthood far from their extended circle of family and friends in the Uk. Navigating pregnancy, healthcare and becoming a mother for the first time comes with many unknowns, especially in a foreign country.

At that time, it was a challenge to find helpful, up-to-date information in English online, and MumAbroad was (literally) born from Carrie’s personal experience, and the experiences of other young parents she met who felt the same way.

Since then, the site has grown into the go-to resource for English-speaking parents from around the world, living in (or relocating to) cities across Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Establishing a community of like-minded families

Since our inception 15 years ago, we’ve connected countless families with local support groups, incredible businesses and of course, each other. We share information and specialist advice for newly-arrived parents and expat families on everything from international schools and relocation to English-speaking healthcare, licensed therapists, tutors and coaches.

Thanks to our network of parents from around the world, we’ve built up a veritable treasure trove of collective knowledge. Our website has hundreds of curated recommendations for Maternity Services, Healthcare, Baby & Toddler Tips, Activities for Kids and more in key international regions and cities across Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Embracing the benefits and challenges of life as an expat

Though we hesitate to use the term “expat”, as not everyone identifies as such, life as an expat family can be filled with ups and downs. Moving to a new country and embracing another culture is such a rich and fulfilling experience, yet there are definitely aspects of living away from “home” that can be more challenging.


The MumAbroad blog is filled with first-hand accounts of family life in a variety of European locations and conversations with leading experts from headteachers and educational specialists to child therapists, relocation agencies and more.

We share practical advice on a wide range of important topics related to life abroad, including finding the right schools, securing a mortgage, health and wellbeing, learning a second (or third) language and more.

YouTube channel

Our YouTube Channel is home to inspiring real-life stories, interviews with entrepreneurs as well as deep-dives and information on living in Europe as an international family.

Our founder Carrie Frais also co-wrote and edited #LivingTheDream, an anthology in which nine women share their stories of adapting to life abroad. The book provides a fascinating insight into the often hidden challenges for people navigating a new life in what may outwardly seem like an idyllic place.

A platform for female entrepreneurs

We’re also really proud to have created an online platform for female entrepreneurs in Europe through our Work Life directories. MumAbroad champions women in business across a range of sectors, located in communities across Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

MumAbroad aims to highlight female entrepreneurship, from solopreneurs and female founded start-ups to company directors and CEOs. Many of the women featured on our website and our social channels have recently re-entered the workforce after a period of time due to family commitments, and are re-embarking on new projects, businesses and career goals.

The MumAbroad team in 2024

Today, Carrie Frais lives on the Maresme Coast just outside Barcelona city centre with her family (which now includes two teenagers), two cats and rescue dog Reggie (our unofficial four-legged colleague).

Alongside overseeing MumAbroad, Carrie Frais is an established events host and presents podcasts including The Soundtrack to My Life, Notes on Leadership and is also one of the co-founders of  4Voices, an innovative public speaking platform for teens.

Head of Content

Alongside Carrie, Head of Content Jane Mitchell became a partner at MumAbroad in 2012. Having lived outside of the UK for almost three decades, from Cairo to Catalonia, Jane is a specialist in all aspects of family life and living abroad. As well as writing creative content and leading interviews for our Youtube Channel, Jane also writes for The Good Schools Guide International, contributing independent reviews of international schools in Barcelona.

Experts in content

The wider MumAbroad team in Europe has grown to include copywriters, content creators, marketeers, educational specialists, graphic designers, social media and SEO experts. The team are primarily all expats themselves, with a real insight into the realities of moving abroad that is reflected in the depth and breadth of stories we are able to share and businesses we connect with.

Senior content writer

Our senior content writer Julia Collins Andreu is actually based on the French Riviera, having moved there from the Uk in 2023 (and looks forward to attending future Business Club Côte d’Azur events).

How to become part of the MumAbroad community

Whether you’re contemplating a life-changing move abroad or have taken the leap and are already settling into a new routine in an adopted home country, MumAbroad is here to help.

We share useful recommendations for families at every stage of life, from support during pregnancy and the early years of having a baby or toddler, to exploring school options, raising teenagers abroad and beyond.

For parents seeking assistance with life admin, local bureaucracy or concrete relocation advice, our network of experts can advise on every aspect of life abroad.

We welcome recommendations from local families based in each of our locations and would love to hear from you. To share a tip or collaborate with MumAbroad, email us at Readers can also connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.

Would you like to be introduced on our website and social channels like Carrie Frais as well? Sign up for the Business Membership or contact us for more information.

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