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This is how you can improve and develop the Facebook community!

Accepting member requests

Information about accepting and declining member requests.

People join the group and are asked to answer three optional questions. The three questions are: 1. What is your email address? 2. What is your full name? and 3. Where do you live?

As a Facebook moderator, you can manage the member requests on Facebook in the Member requests tab, this is the link:

Someone did not answer the questions

Facebook moderators, like you, can accept any request that looks legit. Even people who haven’t answered the membership questions, because all the questions are optional.

The only thing you should check is if the profile seems legit. You can do a quick check but don’t worry too much about it. Scammy or fake profiles can always be removed later and every posts needs to be approved manually!

If you believe the profile is fake or potentially of risk, you can deny the request by clicking on the button “Decline”

Someone answered the questions

When someone did answer the questions, we would like to store this information and add them to our mailing list.

Use the contact form on this webpage to add the new Facebook member and they will be send an automated welcome email. 

Below are the steps:

1. Copy answers from Facebook to contact form

2. Click on the button “Subscribe”

3. Return to this webpage and refresh page

4. Go to Facebook and accept member request

5. Repeat steps!

Form to add Facebook members

Use this form to add Facebook members to our mailing list.

You can simply copy the answers from Facebook into the corresponding field and click on the button Subscribe to add them to our mailing list.

After adding the contact you will be redirected, we have not yet been able to disable the redirect for this form (sorry for that) and you would have to return to this webpage to add the next contact.

* indicates required

Approving posts

Information about accepting and declining posts.

Once people are granted access to the group, they are able to post.

We limit self promotions and ads because they require a paid subscription but also because they tend not to engage well – and engagement is what we want.

You can manage the pending posts on Facebook in the Pending posts tab, this is the link:

Accepted posts

You can accept any post that looks genuine and normal.

Typically these are job offers, anything related to living or working on the French Riviera, questions from members about a service they need, looking for help with something, recommendations for places, photos or video of a recent experience/adventure and so on. 

The main language of the group is English. If someone posts in a different language, please decline the post with feedback and ask them to post in English.

Not accepted posts

We don’t allow posts with links to scam-, spam-, pyramid scheme- or multi-level marketing recruitment websites.

Simply decline the post and ban the author. You can do this by clicking on the three little dots (…) and select Decline post and ban author.

Also posts in a different language than English must be declined with feedback or must at least start with an English description.

Moderated posts

Ads and self promotions are allowed but require an active Business membership or the person must have purchased our Advertising package. The post must also meet our requirements.

These are the steps to follow:

👉 Check with Josh if this person is subscribed

👎 If no, decline the post with feedback (click on the three dots) and include the following message:

Hello, Thanks for posting in our group. Promotions and “selling” ads require an active membership. You can find more information on our website or contact us if you have a question: 

Select which rules have been violated, in most cases this is rule 1 Ads & Self-promotions and 6 DO sign up for the membership. Always turn on the option Share violated rules and notes with … and click on the button Confirm.

👍 If yes, ignore post and let Josh follow up

Increase engagement

This is what you can do to increase engagement.

The most important task of Facebook moderators is increasing and motivating engagement in the group. Because ultimately more people will use the group if more relevant information and discussions can be found here. And Facebook will promote the group which will lead to more members and ultimately to more engagement.

One general best practice to keep in mind: it’s better to consistently do one of these actions every day rather than doing all of these actions just one day!

This is what you can do today:

Invite friends to join the group

People join because of people – therefore it’s important to invite your Facebook friends to join the group. This will directly grow the amount of members- and chances of increasing activity in the group.

More people = more posts = more engagement

1. Go to the Facebook group:

2. Click on the blue Invite + button just below the group cover image and select Invite Facebook friends

3. Select which friends you would like to invite, we recommend inviting 30 friends maximum per day or every two days.

Otherwise Facebook might block your actions because it looks suspicious if you invite too many people at once.

4. Click on the blue button Send invitations to invite your friends!

Comment and like posts

Engage with the members by liking- and genuinely commenting on their posts.

Simply answer their question, tag other people that might be able to answer the question or could find the topic interesting or leave a comment to thank the person for posting in our group.

Post regularly in the group

Contributing content is obviously super important to the group. This will directly affect people’s opinion about the group and will help to start discussions.

We would like to motivate people to start posting and the best way to do this is leading by example.

The group is about Meeting people on the French Riviera and basically any topic related to living or working on the French Riviera is relevant and welcome!


👉 Polls to ask for a certain direction or opinion

For example: Which of these options do you recommend?

👉 Ask open questions to get recommendations and information

For example: What are the best things to do during summer? Can someone explain how to pick the right insurance? Where can I find sand beaches?

👉 Storytelling and sharing experiences. Let other people know where you have been and how your experience was. Include photos and videos to make it even more visual.

For example: I was so surprised to see that Lac de Saint Cassien is still at an incredible low water level etc., Recently I went to La Tête de Chien in La Turbie for a hike – such an incredible view and it’s even accessible by car etc …

Best practices:

👍 One clearly defined call-to-action per post. For example: Comment your favourite restaurant in the old town of Nice!

👍 Keep your reader in mind when writing the post and don’t be afraid to make it personal! 

Welcome new members to the group

Make new members feel welcome by introducing them in a weekly or regular welcome post.

Facebook has a built-in function to automatically tag all new members.

👉 Go to the Members tab on a desktop and you will find in the right sidebar the New members this week section and click on the button Write welcome post. This is the link:

👉 It would be best if you could include rules, a clear call-to-action or expectations from the new members.

For example you could post this:

“Welcome everyone and thank you for joining the group 🥳

The purpose of this group is meeting people on the French Riviera and you can talk about anything related to living in this beautiful part of the world.

Please do this:

👉 Introduce yourself in a post 

👉 Invite your friends to the group as well”

Be creative

If you have any ideas on how we could make this community a better place, let us know.

Could be a fun idea that you have for a win contest, a niche interest, member introductions ideas, regular theme, photo challenge – no matter what it is, share it with us in the moderator chat!

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