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French expressions explained, the recipe for happiness

by | Jan 13, 2023

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Hi Guys! The weekend is coming and it is time for another tip to help you sound more like a native French speaker 😁

I often see negative comments on social media, many people give their opinion on anything and everything…

This gave me the idea to share those French expressions with you as I thought they would fit perfectly.

Today we are using the names of vegetables and fruits in our expressions. However just like most expressions, they mean nothing if we translate them word by word.

But this is what people mean if you hear the following French expressions :

‘S’occuper de ses oignons’ = mind your own business

‘Raconter des salades’ = to talk rubbish/to talk nonsense

‘Ramener sa fraise’ = to stick one’s nose in or get your butt over here/to show up (depending on the context)

‘Se fendre la poire’ = to laugh your head off

‘Se prendre le chou’ = to lose your rag, to lose your temper or to be annoyed (depending on the context)

Did you know some of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Bon weekend à tous 🌞

Céline Prodhomme
Céline Prodhomme

Hi, I’m Céline Prodhomme and originally from Normandy in France! After having worked as a project manager for 24 years at an American Corporate organisation, I decided to follow my passion – helping you not only learn to speak French but also understand the culture 🙂

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