Hilde Abstract Art

Hi, I’m Hilde – Belgian by origin! Art has always been the driving force of my life in all its facets. Fashion, design and well-being have won my favour most of the time. Colours and materials are my favourite. And nature is my greatest friend.

Painting came to me at a very difficult time; 5 years ago as an alternative means of expression, a way of escaping an appel to new senses and allowing me to express my emotions in a different way and carry them without destroying me. My main goal in painting is to create an unforgettable and vibrant piece of work with a subtle and sophisticated touch that is so good that people cannot look away.

My works are abstract, contemporary and they contain materials that you don’t always expect. I am not limited in my style and I paint how I feel, using my hands and tools such as palette knives and paint scrapers, allowing me to create layers, texture and contrast in each of them. combining this with my passion for the incorporation of metallic colours.

Each of my paintings is unique, like each of us. My paintings live only by the one who looks at them and each one lives his story.

I work on large custom and made-to-order paintings.

I love life, I love beautiful things, I love to do, I love to love and I love to give. It’s my message, my philosophy and my inspiration, it’s my palette and my soul, it’s life as I understand it.

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