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Introducing ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’: our new platform for expats on the French Riviera

by | Jan 2, 2024

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  • Introducing ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’: our new platform for expats on the French Riviera

We are thrilled to introduce our new platform to help you easily find helpful articles and English speaking professionals on the French Riviera. The name of the platform is: ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’ and it’s 100% part of Business Club Côte d’Azur.

Purpose 1: Helpful information about living and working on the French Riviera

The main idea of the platform is providing  you with information to make you life and work on the French Riviera much easier.

Moving to a new country or region can be a thrilling adventure. But it also comes with its unique set of challenges.

Our ambition for the platform is to be your go-to website for practical tips. Or at least to give you a better idea where to start looking.

An example is to help you understand what a RIB document is in France. Or how you can get your Carte Vitale the easiest way. We will also cover the different visas. What to expect when you’re expecting in France. And give you tips about buying a property on the French Riviera.

Our commitment is to ensure that you not only survive but thrive in your new life on the beautiful French Riviera.

Purpose 2: Easily find English-Speaking Professionals on the French Riviera

Communication is key. Especially when settling in a new country!

And yes, we know we are in France. But sometimes it’s such a relief to being able to speak English when you need to get things done.

Bringing us to the second purpose of our platform. Helping you find English-speaking professionals on the French Riviera in a few clicks.

Whether you’re seeking legal advice, medical assistance, or simply looking for a trustworthy local service provider. We are working hard to make ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’ your go-to resource.

Okay to be honest, there are not thousands of professionals on there yet. But you need to start somewhere – right?

You can start exploring our directory of English-speaking professionals already, ensuring you can easily communicate and collaborate without any language barriers.

For a sneak peek, visit the new platform and spread the word so more professionals can join!

Purpose 3: Connecting with other professionals to stimulate collaborations.

The third purpose and idea for the platform is creating a collaboration network and easily connecting with other professionals.

We have a built-in chat function and all contact details are on the individual pages so you can directly get in touch with each other.

Every professional on the platform is a Business Member of the club and has free access to all networking events.

So now you have an extra method to connect, build partnerships, foster collaborations, exchange ideas, and explore mutually beneficial ventures.


‘I Love Côte d’Azur’ is more than just a platform; it’s a community-driven initiative aimed at making your personal and professional life much easier on the French Riviera.

Whether you are thinking about moving to the region, looking for settling tips, trying to navigate French bureacracy, an expat seeking English-speaking professionals, or a professional eager to connect, ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’ will be hopefully your go-to platform!

Embark on this exciting journey with us, and let ‘I Love Côte d’Azur’ be your companion in exploring, settling, and thriving on the breathtaking French Riviera!

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