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Introducing our new team member: Matteo Fernandez!

by | Jul 31, 2023

We are absolutely excited to introduce the newest addition to our team – Matteo Fernandez!

His first day

Last Friday marked the beginning of his journey with us. He kicked off his first day with an event at Twiga in Monaco. Twiga is an amazing venue where he welcomed almost fifty of our members.

With much excitement and enthusiasm did he welcomed our members in Monaco. And even mingled with the guests in a, for him, foreign language. Quite impressive!

True Niçois

He was born and raised in the picturesque city of Nice. So we can safely state that Matteo Fernandez is a true Niçois.

He brings a local touch and passion that we’re excited to have on board. We’ve got big dreams, and Matteo is here to help us turn them into a reality.

What you can expect from Matteo

His main role is to work alongside us in helping us achieve our long-term goals and developing our vision. Which is bringing people closer in a digital world where personal connections are more important than ever and creating opportunities for local businesses on the French Riviera!

Concrete this means he will be responsable for setting up partnerships, finding better venues and organising more events for the club members in more cities.

One thing that stands out about Matteo is his motivation and eagerness to learn. He’s also very much determined to improve his English skills. So if you get a chance, feel free to chat with him in English – he’ll appreciate the practice!

You will definitely get to meet Matteo at one of our upcoming events soon. And we can’t wait for you to welcome him to the team!

So, welcome onboard Matteo Fernandez. We are thrilled to have you on board and are looking forward with excitement to work together!

Want to connect with him? Send Matteo an invitation on LinkedIn and invite him as friend on Facebook.

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