Hi, I’m Antonia Beauvoisin-Brown and the founder of Kidooland!

I want the best for my children and I’m sure you are the same. We would like to give them opportunities now so they have the best options later.

Maybe to travel the world, to have a good job, to be the manager or the CEO.

We don’t know yet what path their future will be, but we know that English is essential to open doors for them. Being bilingual is a gift we can give them, don’t you agree?

Early start makes it easier to learn

As you probably know, the earlier you start a language, the easier it is to learn.

Children have an incredible ability to learn language. They don’t have the same fear as us adults.

Most of our students come from French-speaking families and often their parents are not comfortable in English. They don’t want the same experience for their children. Some parents speak good English, which is excellent ;-) But they don’t know how to teach it, what methods must be applied to become ‘fluent’.

How we can help

This is where me and my team can help you. My core team has over 40 years of teaching English at KidooLand. We have helped over 6000 children on their English journey and we continue to learn and improve our methods. That’s the advantage of a small family business – we can do it!

We can help you too. I encourage you to come see us by booking an appointment to ask your questions in order to block your sessions.

Positive, fun and experienced

Your child has the right to learn English in a language school that is positive, fun and experienced.

We are here to help you and your child become bilingual.

See you soon, I hope ;-)

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