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Main sponsor 2024: introducing Ruby Services, experts in ground transportation

by | Oct 26, 2023

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  • Main sponsor 2024: introducing Ruby Services, experts in ground transportation

Business Club Côte d’Azur is thrilled to announce its new main sponsor for 2024. Experienced at dealing with high-profile clients and specialised in luxury transportation services, we proudly introduce you to Ruby Services!

Introduction main sponsor 2024

This exciting partnership enables us to not only achieve our short-term goals but also continue to work on our long-term goals.

Ruby Services’ commitment to excellence and innovation aligns perfectly with our vision. Making them the ideal partner to help us create more and better business opportunities for you!

Not just any sponsor

When it comes to choosing a sponsor, we believe in partnering with organisations that share our values.

We also find it important that they understand our objectives, and are dedicated to our success. Which is also the reason that we have decided to work with less sponsors in 2024.

Ruby Services embodies all of these qualities and more – making it our perfect main sponsor for 2024!

About Ruby Services

Ruby Services is a name synonymous with excellence and unmatched service in the Côte d’Azur region. The company has carved a niche for itself in luxury transportation services.

They have a fleet of cars with professional and knowledgable chauffeurs to provide fast airport transfers but also to handle transportation during big events in Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez and so on. 

With a commitment to delivering the highest standards of service, they have earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and attention to detail.

Why Ruby Services?

One of the primary reasons we gladly welcomed Ruby Services as our main sponsor for 2024 is their unwavering commitment to our club’s growth and development.

Being a main sponsor is not just about having a logo on our club’s banner and website; it’s also about actively participating in our journey.

Ruby Services is fully invested in our success and shares our passion for fostering a dynamic and thriving business community in the Côte d’Azur region.

What Ruby Services Brings to Business Club Côte d’Azur

Expertise in Luxury Services

Ruby Services has an extensive experience in delivering luxury transportation services focused on customer service and satisfaction. No matter if it’s a ‘simple’ airport transfer or complex planning of larger and multiple groups during big events. They will be very happy to share their knowledge and experience in this world with you!

Networking Opportunities

As our main sponsor, Ruby Services will co-organise with us various networking events focused on the tourism industry. The idea is to bring people together around this topic. Whether you are a tourism professional or simply interested – by bundling forces we can achieve more together! In other words help you make meaningful business relationships.

Support for Long-Term Goals

Beyond the immediate benefits, Ruby Services is committed to assisting us in achieving our long-term goals. Their involvement in our club’s activities will help us grow and thrive for years to come.

In summary

We are super excited about the potential this partnership holds. We are confident that Ruby Services will help us create a more vibrant and successful business community in 2024.

With their support, we look forward to providing you with better service, more events and greater opportunities for business growth. Stay tuned for a year full of exciting events, and networking opportunities.

All made possible through our partnership with Ruby Services!

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