Marketing Côte d’Azur

Hi! It’s Robin and Josh again from Marketing Côte d’Azur.

Of course you know us as founders of Business Club Côte d’Azur. But that is not our only venture. We have been working together for more than a decade in marketing. And founded a marketing agency some eight years ago. We have worked on various brands and names of which the most recent is Marketing Côte d’Azur.

Niche it down

In case you are wondering, different brand and names were chosen to target and serve niche markets. Something we truly believe in  doing. Because the better you can niche down a market, find problems and more importantly solve the problems. The easier it is to thrive in that market!

Small businesses

Based on our experience with working on small and big projects. We realised that working with small businesses makes us the happiest. That’s also where we can make the most impact.

Small businesses are the true backbone of the economy. In our opinion, that’s where you will find real entrepreneurship driven by passion and vision.

That’s why we have put together a package that will grow your business consistently on a low budget!

Growing your business, basic steps

Your business and challenges may be unique. However after having doing this many times, you will always see a lot of similarities in growing a business.

When it comes to marketing it means by defining who your customers are. Based on this we can determine how we can reach them best. This could for example be through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, organising events or are a combination of all.

We like to focus on the things that gives you the greatest returns with the least efforts first. This is also budget friendly and we can always later on focus on the time consuming tasks with less results but still important.

Then we analyse, improve and repeat.

Visit our website for more information. And schedule a chat with us to talk about your project – no obligations 🙂

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