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Our favourite restaurants on the French Riviera

by | Jul 21, 2022

This blog is made for informative articles – so why not kick off with and include our recommendations for some restaurants and fun things to do in the region.

So here’s a blog post about our favourite lovely restaurants in 06 (Alpes-Maritimes department)!

La cave de Tourrettes in Tourrettes-sur-Loup

A wonderful restaurant with an amazing chef, special French food for a good price. It’s actually a wine cave, so the wine is very tasty too! They don’t have a lot of tables so if you’re planning to go, make sure you make a reservation. Are you with 2 people? Book a little table on the terrace, the view is to die for!

Neosud in Vence

One of our friends: Neosud in Vence! We’ve organised a few meetups here and we just loooove the place. Good food, nice drinks, good cocktails and a great ambiance!

Fun fact, “neosud” is a word play. The owner was born in the south of France. In French you would say “Je suis née dans le sud” or you can play with that by saying “née au sud” and this is phonetically spelled as “NE-O-SUD”.

Carmela in Nice

An Italian restaurant that we just love is Carmela in Nice, they’re located on the Cours Saleya and serve delicious food. The ambiance is perfect and the people are very nice too. They also organise live-music nights during summer, a must go if you’re around!

Josh his favourite pizza here is Pizza Carmela. It’s a white pizza (meaning they don’t use tomato sauce) with rucola, burrata and truffle! Really delicious.

Le Plongeoir in Nice

The most beautiful location for a Sunday Lunch – Le Plongeoir is built on a rock, so you’re literally above and surrounded by the sea close to the harbour of Nice. The view is as amazing as the food and service. Must visit – and also, make sure you make a reservation here!

Baia Bella in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

If you’re looking for a casual beach restaurant in beautiful Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Baia Bella is your go to place! The vibe is very relaxed, the food is excellent and the view is great!

Batik Plage in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Next to Baia Bella, you’ll find Batik Plage, it’s part of the famous African Queen that’s located in the harbour of Beaulieu. Batik Plage is a bit more expensive compared to Baia Bella, but nevertheless a really cool, chique and beautiful place to visit!

MaMo Michelangelo in Antibes

Are you ready for another Italian restaurant? MaMo Michelangelo is fantastic, when dining on their terrace in summer you feel like you’re in Little Italy. It’s a famous restaurant too, people like Beyoncé and Leonardo di Caprio have been there – just across the corner in Antibes. Can you believe that? But besides that, the food and the ambiance are great – that’s what counts!

La Pigeot in Valbonne

A North African restaurant in the centre of Valbonne, lovely restaurant, friendly people and delicious food – highly recommended!

And you must try their lamb Tajine with Prunes, in French it’s called “Tagine d’agneau pruneaux” – that’s our absolute favourite but you can’t go wrong here.

Le Cirque in Cannes

You probably know the Rue Hoche in Cannes – a street filled with restaurants and bars, very cosy and lively and a lovely place to visit. We love Le Cirque in Cannes but actually almost all restaurants in the street are worth visiting. No inspiration for a night out? Go to the Rue Hoche and you’ll find a good place to eat!

La Môme Plage in Cannes

If you’re looking for a cool beach restaurant, La Môme Plage is your go-to-spot, same as Vegaluna on the same boulevard. Bring your wallet, because it’s not cheap. But if you’re looking for a cool day or night out, go there! Make sure you make a reservation in advance, because it’s busy!

Le Cabanon in Cap d’Ail

And this is in our opinion the most romantic spot that we have been to so far. It’s not cheap but they do offer good value for money because the food is amazing, portions are generous, service is excellent and the views are breathtaking. That’s also worth something, right?

It has been completely renovated and you are surrounded by sea. Imagine hearing the waves breaking on the rocks, seagulls flying by, warm ambient lighting, Monaco and Italy on one side and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on your other side – simply an amazing experience.

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