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Partnership with Newtone Films

by | Aug 13, 2023

We are super proud and happy to announce our partnership with Newtone Films. Here is why and how we are going to work together!

We have been working and knowing the team of Newtone Films for quite some time actually. And we first met, Gabrielle Finch – the co-founder, in 2019 at one of our events in Cannes!

They have worked with us in the past to create our first videos and always kept in touch.

Gabrielle is the oldest of her five siblings. All super creative and it is incredible to see that they are working together on creating videos for their clients.

Since we last worked together, they have gained lots and lots more experience and decided to reach out again to see how we can start collaborating again!

Event videos

So after some brainstorming and inspiring talks we have decided to mainly focus on capturing the atmosphere of the club at the events.

In other words they are going to be present at some future events to shoot event videos.

We will use share these videos on social media and the website. But above all, it is a wonderful memory to have!

New interview series

Now the other idea that we are really excited about is the pilot for our interview series in which we talk with experienced entrepreneurs.

The idea is to learn from others about building and scaling a business. Not necessarily in France but what they all have in common is that they are based in the south of France.

We are genuinely super interested to discover the amazing stories and journeys from entrepreneurs in all sorts of industries.

Hopefully you enjoy this too!

See some of their work

Let the videos do the talking and scroll down to take a look at some of their previous work. Which we think looks great!

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