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Partnership with NUMBR

by | Aug 31, 2023

Stoked to announce our new partnership with NUMBR, a big accountancy firm focused on small business owners and service providers!

Strategic partnership with Numbr

With over 21,000 clients we can safely say that Numbr is a big brand and well established accountancy firm. They have been in business since 2000 and have helped many small business navigate the French laws.

Despite what you might think of a big firm like Numbr, they are very reasonably priced – which we like – and really go the extra mile (or kilometer since we’re in France) when it comes to customer service. They are modern, work efficiently and an excellent match with our philosophy.

Special offer for club members

The reason of our partnership is that you get an amazing deal. As an official member of our club you get a free consultation  with NUMBR about choosing the right company structure. During this consultation you can ask all your questions and you will be recommended the best company structure for your business.

Once decided, they offer our club members to entirely create your micro entreprise, SAS, SARL or SASU for free. Yes you read that right, entirely free of charge!

And last but not least, you will get the full bookkeeping package for a small price. This includes a bookkeeping app for your phone to upload invoices and invoice clients. Monthly VAT declarations and so on.

Prices are typically as low as €69 per month but this of course depends entirely on your situation!

How to benefit from our partnership?

The easiest and best way is to use the contact form below. We will directly get you in touch with the right person, Véronique Girard, and she will personal help you on your journey!

If you need any help from us, you can also always send us a message!

Free consultation with Numbr!

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