Refer a friend and earn lifetime commissions.

Refer a friend and earn lifetime commissions

Give your friends a sweet discount and receive lifetime commissions. We call that a win-win!

Refer a friend and earn lifetime commissions

Give discount and earn forever.

Give 10% and Get 10% when you refer a friend

Our goal is to attract more incredible people like you!

This directly helps growing a more diverse community, organising more events and making a bigger impact.

So what better way than to rewarding you when you refer a friend and invite contacts to join the club.

You can give a 30% discount on your friend’s 1st payment and you will receive 10% commission forever as long as they stay a member!

Start earning money today when you refer a friend by signing up for our referral program – it’s included in your membership.

✓ Earn 10% forever & give 30% discount once

Give 10% and Get 10% when you refer a friend


Step 1: Create an account

The first step is to create a referral account so you can start earning lifetime commissions for every friend that signed up through you.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and click on the button ‘Continue’
  3. You will now receive an email with a unique login / verification code, go to your email and copy or remember the code
  4. Return to the website ( and enter the verification code
  5. Click on the button ‘Verify’

Now open the next toggle on this webpage, for instructions on how to ‘Complete your account’ 

Step 2: Complete your account

You’re doing great, we’re almost done!

Now we need to complete your account with some basic personal details and setting to start earning money when you refer a friend to join Business Club Côte d’Azur!

    1. Enter your ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’
    2. On the next step, under ‘Link’ you can customise the ending of your referral link. This is the link that you can share with your friends to sign up. You could enter your full name or company name or whatever you wish. We suggest keeping it simple!
    3. Then, choose how you would like to receive payouts – you can only choose one. Currently the options are PayPal or Wire, which is a bank transfer.
    4. Choose your payout method
      1. PayPal: Simply enter your PayPal address.
      2. Wire: Provide the requested information, starting with your name and IBAN.
    5. Click on ‘Continue to dashboard’

    Open the next toggle on this webpage, for instructions on ‘Using your account’ 

    Step 3: Using your account

    Awesome, you are all set and now officially signed up for the referral program 🎉 

    It is time to explore your referral account.

    Scroll to the next section and explore your account. Starting with the first tab ‘Dashboard’


    Using your account


    In your Dashboard you will find an overview of the most important data, such as your total earnings, how many clicks on your link, leads and referrals.

    Overview Dashboard referral program

    The most important part here can be found in the right column ‘Links’. You will see your unique referral link and coupon code, let us explain that real quick.

    Program coupon 

    Our program offers a double-sided incentive, meaning that you receive 10% lifetime commission whilst giving your friends a 30% discount on their first invoice. That is a Win-win for you both!

    Important: In order to claim the discount, your friends need to use the program coupon during checkout to apply the 30% one-time discount. The universal code is: FRIENDS30

    Personal coupon

    Typically after a few days you will see that the program code has changed and is now your personal code. This works exactly the same as- and replaces the program coupon.


    Whenever you need it, your referral link can be found here. Simply click on the link and it will be automatically copied.

    If you would like to changing the ending, click on the button ‘Edit’ and you can make changes.

    Share this link with your friends and we know that this person was sent by you! They can visit any website page for as long as they like, once they are signed up you will find them in your account.


    In the left column, click on Referrals and you will find an overview of your referrals.

    When a friend signs up you will find basic information to identify who signed up and for which membership. All memberships come with a standard 10-day free trial and you will see this as status when someone signs up.

    After the free trial ends the first payment will be collected. This will be the first commission that you earn and visible under ‘Total earned’!


    Under Assets you will find some useful resources.

    You can use these assets to promote your link and explain the benefits of becoming a member of Business Club Côte d’Azur.

    We are working on adding more helpful resources soon such as example emails, inviting banners and more.


    Under Payouts you will find an overview of your upcoming and past payouts for earned commissions.

    The status indicates if the payout has been processed or is still pending. Typically we pay commission within one week of the request.


    Lastly, under Settings you can update your personal information, including your banking details for payouts or PayPal email address.

    Always click on the button ‘Save’ to save any changes made!

    That was it – you are ready to start promoting and earning lifetime commissions 💪


    Email templates.

    Email template 1: short friendly invitation

    Subject: Check this out!


    Hey [Friend’s Name],

    I hope you’re well!

    I joined Business Club Côte d’Azur recently and thought you’d be interested too.

    They host weekly events on the French Riviera, making building your business and meeting people a breeze.

    Because you know me, you get a 30% discount on your first invoice!

    Check it out: [Your Referral Link]

    Use this code on checkout: FRIENDS30 [or Your Personal Code]

    Catch up soon, [Your Name]

    Email template 2: friendly longer version

    Subject: Thought you’d like this!


    Hey [Friend’s Name],

    I hope you’re doing well!

    I recently joined Business Club Côte d’Azur and I’m sure you will love it too.

    They organise weekly events on the French Riviera and make it super easy to make friends and build a professional network.

    When you become a member using my personal link, you will get a 30% one-time discount.

    Give it a look and let me know what you think!

    Here’s the link: [Your Referral Link]

    Use this code on checkout: FRIENDS30 [or Your Personal Code]

    Let me know if you need any help signing up!

    Catch you later, [Your Name]

    Email template 3: more formal

    Subject: An Opportunity of Interest


    Dear [Contact’s Name],

    I trust this message finds you in good health.

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to an initiative I recently became a part of – the Business Club Côte d’Azur. Given your professional outlook and interests, I believe this platform could be of great value to you.

    Business Club Côte d’Azur offers a series of well organised weekly events along the French Riviera. These events provide an excellent platform for fostering new connections, both on a social and professional level. Through my own experience, I’ve found these gatherings to be an effortless way to cultivate relationships and expand one’s network.

    Should you choose to become a member using my personal link, you will be entitled to a 30% discount on your first invoice, an added incentive to partake in this enriching experience.

    I encourage you to explore further through the link provided: [Your Referral Link]. Your perspective on this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

    Don’t forget to use the following code during checkout: FRIENDS30 [or Your Personal Code]

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help signing up and I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon,

    Warm regards, [Your Name]


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much commission do I receive?

    You receive 10% commission on the amount paid and every time someone pays an invoice for as long as they stay a member.

    For example: someone subscribed to the yearly business membership via your link and uses their 30% one-time discount.

    The annual membership fee is €392 including taxes minus 30% discount, so the net amount is €274,40 and then €392 per year.

    You receive 10% of €274,40 (that’s €27,44!) and then 10% of €392 every year until they cancel. That is €39,20 forever per referral!

    When are my commissions paid?

    Commissions are considered definitive on the 15th of the next month when the commission was earned. For example: January commissions are payable on 15 February and so on. You can submit a request for payout when you wish to receive your commission on your bank account!

    What is the minimum payout threshold?

    There is no minimum threshold! Once you have earned a commission, you can request a payout.

    How much discount can I give?

    You can give your friends and contacts 30% discount on their first invoice. Meaning they immediately benefit from 30% discount on their first monthly or yearly invoice, yearly obviously gives them the biggest discount possible.

    Do I have to be a member?

    Yes, you need an active membership (if not, you can sign up or renew first) because we find it important that recommendations are genuine!

    I don't have PayPal, can I use IBAN or SEPA for my payout?

    Yes you can! Select ‘Wire‘ as payout method and provide the requested information such as your IBAN. We will transfer the money directly into your account!

    I forgot my password

    There is no password so don’t worry! We use a new safer method of accessing your account.

    How it works? Enter your email address on the login page and you will receive a verification code by email to log in!

    The discount is not applied

    Always share the program code (FRIENDS30) or your personal code with your friend. Only then will the one-time 30% discount be applied to their invoice!

    You can send the following to your friend (and make changes to your situation).

    Hi, I’ve just checked and you need to do this.

    1. Visit the website using my link.

    2. Find the right membership for you on the membership page, I’m on the Yearly Business membership.

    2. Click on the relevant button to sign up and on the checkout page, enter coupon code: FRIENDS30

    3. The 30% discount is now applied and you can continue the checkout process!

    Where can I find my referral link

    You can find your personal referral link in your dashboard. First log in on There you will see your unique referral link and coupon code in the right column ‘Links’.

    Can I use my link in an article?

    Absolutely! Feel free to share your personal referral link wherever you want to attract new members. This could be in a blog article, LinkedIn article, Facebook post or any other publication where you wish to share your link!

    How can I promote my link?

    You can include the referral link in your blog, share the link via email or in social media posts. So, however you like basically!

    The best way in our opinion is to send a personal email to your friend. We are working on an email tool to help you invite your friends. In the meantime, feel free to use our email templates.

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