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Information about selecting and managing your membership.

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Do I need the membership?

If you want free access to the events, yes!

We organise various weekly networking events on the French Riviera. Members have free access to all of them.

Private events are on invitation only and might be priced differently.

Which membership is right for me?

Included in all memberships (Premium, business, couples and individual) is free access to weekly online and in-person events.

As a Premium or Business member you will also have many promotion opportunities such as your logo on our website, posting in our Facebook groups, a platform listing and more.

But even better is the excellent opportunity to make powerful connections in the region with potential partners, investors, advisors, ambassadors and influencers.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or reach out if you need help signing up.

🤝 Want the ultimate package to grow your business? The premium membership is for you.

📣 Want to attract new customers and build your professional network? The business membership is for you.

🤩 Do you want to easily meet people in the region together with your partner? Choose the couples membership!

👉 Just signing up for yourself and looking to make friends? Save money by signing up for the individual membership.

Do you offer a couples membership?

Yes, we have a couples membership!

By signing up you will both get free access to all events and receive a discount if you sign up as a couple to save you some money!

Do you offer a company or business membership?

Yes, we have two memberships designed for businesses and entrepreneurs.

🤝 Want the ultimate package to grow your business? The premium membership is for you.

📣 Want to attract new customers and build your professional network? The business membership is for you.

After signing up, you will receive an invoice including your company name and details for accounting purposes.

How can I pay for my membership?

Online – Stripe is our payment provider because it’s super safe and easy for you!

Currently the following payment methods are supported: Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and SEPA Direct Debit!

I think I’ve paid twice

No worries at all – we will either cancel the reservation on your creditcard or transfer the money into your account!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We are offering you a 10-day free trial on all memberships.

You can cancel anytime and the first payment will be collected after your free trial ends.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime online (click here) or by sending us an email.

How can I access my account?

You can manage your membership, payment methods and invoices on Stripe.

Click here and enter your email address – you will receive a link to login!

Does the membership renew automatically?

Yes, all memberships will automatically renew and the same credit card is charged until you cancel.

If you wish, you can always cancel and stop your membership at anytime!

Is this only for French people?

No, our events and community is for everyone working or living on the French Riviera.

Everyone speaks at least a basic level of English to make communicating easier.

Can I pay monthly or yearly?

You can choose if you would like to pay per month or per year. You will get the best offer when you pay per year.

I need an invoice

Your invoice will be immediately generated after a successful payment and it will be send to you by email. You can also find it online in your Stripe account!


Information about attending our casual events.

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What is the dresscode?

The dresscode is business casual and that means that you can wear almost anything but we think that sweatpants are a bit too casual.

Simply wear something that makes you feel comfortable and good!

Can you introduce me to other people?

Absolutely, you will be welcomed at each event by us.

Josh likes the technical stuff so he will probably scan your ticket and Robin will introduce you to the others!

Where do you organise events?

We organise weekly networking events mainly in Alpes-Maritimes in the popular cities, including: Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Antibes.

Var is on our priority list for expansion.

When we have found suitable venues we will also organise meetups in Saint-Tropez, Fréjus, Sainte-Maxime, Valbonne, Antibes, Menton and so on.

Tips & suggestions are welcome.

Do you invite me to your events?

Yes, members will be invited first to events and enjoy free access. Make sure to sign up for the membership and our newsletter to never miss an invitation!

I tried to pay but it failed!?

Oh no, sorry for the trouble.

You can refresh the page and try it again.

The chances are zero but in case you have paid twice, we will of course refund the money immediately. No worries!

Eventbrite charges the full amount – can’t see my discount?

No sweat – this is what you need to do:

1. Go to the event page on Eventbrite
2. Click on the button – Tickets – and a window will pop-up
3. Click on – Enter promo code – in the top left corner
4. Enter your emergency discount code and hit Enter or click on Apply
5. Your discount will be applied and you can proceed to checkout!

    Can I just show up last minute?

    No, we will scan your ticket on arrival so we kindly ask you to claim or purchase your ticket(s) online in advance.  This saves a lot of time and prevents a queue!

    How can I get a free ticket?

    Sign up for the membership and you will have free access – we are offering you a 10-day free trial so you can experience an event without risk.

    You can cancel the membership anytime and the first payment will be collected after your free trial ends.

    Do I get a discount?

    Yes, as a member you have free access to all meetup events!

    How can I claim my discount?

    On our event page – click on Get Tickets and you will be redirected to Eventbrite! Click on Tickets. In the top-left corner you will find Enter promo code. Enter your code and you’re done!

    Do you make photos?

    Oh yes we do!

    We love taking photos and sometimes a video. It will be published on our social channels. On request we can send them to you as well!

    Where can I get tickets?

    You can get your tickets on Eventbrite – it’s super safe and easy for you! We thought about selling it directly on our website but hey, why should we try to reinvent the wheel.

    Can I get a refund?

    You have free access as a member so this will not apply to you.

    If you’re not a member and have purchased a ticket, you can cancel up to 72 hours before an event and receive a refund minus the Eventbrite fees – No questions asked!

    After that we can A) offer you a discount equal to the amount paid if you sign up for the membership, B) give you a free ticket to one of the next events or C) transfer your ticket to someone else.

    Send us an email to discuss the details!

    Do you refund when the event is cancelled?

    Yes, you will be fully refunded if we cancel an event.

    How can I pay?

    Online – Eventbrite is our event ticketing partner and they offer most common payment methods. It’s super safe and easy to use!

    I need an invoice

    Alrighty, not a problem. You will receive a tax invoice from Eventbrite after completing your order. It will be send to you by email.

    Online channels

    This is where you can find us online

    Membership    ·    Events    ·    Online channels    ·    Collaborate    ·    Contact

    Do you use social media?

    Absolutely! We are most active on Instagram and on Facebook with groups. This is our most popular Facebook group.

    Can I promote my business in your group?

    We moderate and limit self promotions / ads. But you can promote your business as long as your post meets our requirements.

    NOTE: you need an active Premium or Business Membership. Or need to purchase an advertising package.

    How can I connect with your community online?

    We have created multiple groups on Facebook for you!

    🤗 English speakers on the Riviera

    👋 Meet people on the French Riviera

    🤝 Freelance jobs on the French Riviera

    🥾 Hiking on the French Riviera

    ☀️ Living in Cannes


    We would love to work together

    Membership    ·    Events    ·    Online channels    ·    Collaborate    ·    Contact

    I have a venue for your events

    Sweet – we are looking for good venues on the French Riviera to organise our meetups. Send us a message and we will discuss the details 🙂

    I would like to host an event

    Amazing to hear that you would like to host an event. We are expanding and looking for local hosts for our meetups. Send us a message and we will discuss the details!

    Can I hire you?

    Depends on what you want us to do – we (Robin & Josh) can definitely help with your marketing including social media, creating content and brainstorm about your business. Send us a message to discuss what you have in mind 🙂

    Do you have any jobs available?

    We try to do most things ourselves because we simply really enjoy it. However if you can do something better than us – we would be happy to discuss a freelance project or internship.

    I want to work together

    Sounds good, send us a message and tell us what you have in mind! We’d be happy to discuss the details and see if we can work something out.

    Can I help you grow this community?

    If you like this place and believe in this community – the best help you could give is signing up for the membership, have a good time at our events, leave an honest review on Google and spread the word with your friends, family, colleagues and business contacts! Want to do even more? Become a community leader!

    You have made a mistake

    Oh no … we are not perfect and try to adapt as good as possible to our members, changing times and trends.

    Please let us know what we have done wrong or could improve and we will use it to make this community a better place for everyone!

    I have a suggestion

    Awesome, we’d love to hear your suggestions. Send us a message and we will answer you shortly!

    Contact us.

    This is how you can reach us

    Membership    ·    Events    ·    Online channels    ·    Collaborate    ·    Contact

    Couldn’t find the answer to your question? Or would you like to contact us?

    Use the contact form on this page and we will start working on it immediately! You could also send us a letter but an email is way quicker, cheaper and better for the environment!

    We read and answer our emails every morning on weekdays before we leave to meeting our members, creating content or organising events on the French Riviera.

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