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Walle Family (Stein, Hanne, Helena & Linnea)

by | Aug 29, 2023

In this series, we are interviewing members of our club, so that you can get to know each other a bit better. Today we talk with the Walle Family (Stein, Hanne, Helena and Linnea Walle) about their lives and work in the region.

What brought you to the French Riviera?

We are a family of four who moved to the French Riviera as we love the weather and nature here.

Hanne and Stein, the parents, bought a holiday house here some years ago, and then they started to spend more and more time here.

Linnea, the youngest daughter, moved here 4 years ago.

We tried to figure out how to get jobs we all would like so we could all stay.

That’s why why we opened a boutique Scandinavian inspired restaurant in the heart of Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Helena, the oldest daughter, was very tempted to join, so she did three years ago.

Just like that the whole family was gathered in the South of France, working at their own restaurant.

Could you tell us about your professional career? What do or did you do for work?

Before moving here we all had very different occupations.

Stein owned his own company selling special shelter containers, mobile hospitals etc.

Hanne was an interior designer.

Linnea studied product design, and Helena was the assistant manager of a gym.

Today we all work at our newly opened restaurant Allé Allé, located in Cap3000.

What does your company do?

At our new restaurant we serve healthy food. Everything is made from home, the salads, sandwiches, cakes, even the almond milk.

We were missing a place that served healthy food in nice surroundings, so we decided to start our own place. People also come here to co-work or just enjoy a smoothie in calm surroundings.

Since both Hanne and Linnea has a passion for design, we sell some unique object as well.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

We decided to start our own business so we could all work together with something we are passionate about.

Health, food and restaurants are our passions, so it was a great match for us.

What is your best advice to others thinking about living or working on the French Riviera?

Our best advice to people wanting to work or live on the French Riviera: Go for it!

This place is amazing in so many ways. There are plenty of places to discover, so many things to do, beautiful hikes, breathtaking views, and a ton of restaurants to discover.

Just be prepared that setting up a company, renovating a house, buying an house etc. might be very different then where you come from. And I advice anyone to learn French, as it was very difficult moving here without speaking one word in French.

Could you share your thoughts on the club and events?

We joined the Business Club two years ago, and are so happy for this great community.

You can really meet like-minded people, and it’s a good way to socialise if you are new to the place.

Robin and Josh really did a good job on creating this!

Fun facts about the Walle Family!

Since when do you live on the French Riviera?

We live on the French Riviera since 2020!

Where are you originally from?


What languages do you speak?

Norwegian, English, and still learning French

What is your favourite wine?

Stein is a big fan of beer, Hanne is a prosecco lover, Helena loves a good natural wine, and Linnea doesn’t drink alcohol.

What is your favourite spot on the French Riviera?

Cap d’Antibes, Cap d’Ail, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, basically any Cap with beautiful cliffs and water.

What French word do you find difficult to pronounce?

Anything with an R in it!

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