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Join the referral program

Our goal is to attract more incredible people like you!

This directly helps growing a more diverse community, organising more events and making a bigger impact.

So what better way than to rewarding you when you refer a friend and invite contacts to join the club.

Discount and earnings

You can give a 30% discount on your friend’s 1st payment and you will receive 10% commission forever as long as they stay a member!

Sign up for free

Start earning money today when you refer a friend by signing up for our referral program – it’s included in your membership.

PS if you need help setting up – here is a link to find instructions including screenshots!

Free access to weekly events

As a Business member, you and your team have free access to all our events. We kindly ask to always your book tickets online. Preferably well in advance as events sell out fast.

We organise weekly events and you have various options to stay updated. Not every event has been published yet, so come back regularly.

Find our events on the website

You can find our events on the homepage and in the events calendar

Select an event that you would like to attend and click on the button for more information.

You will be redirected to Eventbrite and will see the available tickets.

In the top section of the checkout page, you will find a field to enter a promo code. Use code – MEMBER – to activate your discount.

Then click on the blue + button to select/add one ticket.

Click on the orange button ‘Check Out’ and proceed to complete the last steps (it’s free).

You have now successfully confirmed your presence and can attend the event!

Start following us on Eventbrite

We use Eventbrite, an event platform, to publish our events and manage event registrations. You can start following our organiser account to get notified first when we publish an event or make any changes to our schedule. Here is the link to visit our profile, all you have to do is start following us!

Receive email invitations

Because you are now a member of the club, we will send you email invitations and reminders to our upcoming events. Usually a few days or one week before the event starts. Simply make sure you stay subscribed to our mailing list to avoid missing emails!

Update your email preferences

We send quite some emails because we do not want you to miss the events!

However you might not be interested in all of them.

You can select for which cities and villages you would like to receive event invitations.

By default all places are selected and we strongly recommend turning off the ones that are not interesting for you.

In the footer of each email you can click on the text ‘Update your preferences’.

Alternatively you can update your information here:

Access to WhatsApp groups

Only Premium and Business members have access to our dedicated WhatsApp groups. It’s an extra easy way to connect and stay connected with others.

Business members WhatsApp group

As mentioned – for our business members of the club, we have created a WhatsApp group to stay connected. In this chat you will find a mix of Premium and Business members of the club!

Click here to join the chat.

Get introduced to our online following

Currently more than 5,100+ people are subscribed to our mailing list. And more than 15,000+ people combined in our online groups. This is how you can use that to your advantage!

How to use the Facebook groups

We have created for you various highly engaged Facebook groups. All focused on connecting English speakers on the French Riviera.

You can use it to introduce yourself to the community, seek for help, ask for recommendations and connect with other members of the club and English speakers in the region.

Introduction via a collective social media post

We will be very happy to introduce you as new member of the club in a collective post in one of our Facebook groups. The post will be pinned for a few days for maximum exposure!

6-post self promotions bundle included

One more benefit of being a Business member is that you are allowed to post 6 self promotions every year to bring yourself to the attention of our online followers!

Start by joining the Facebook groups, see links below, and post your first self promotion.

English speakers on the Riviera

Meet people on the French Riviera

Freelance jobs on the French Riviera

Best practices for engagement

We strongly recommend engaging (comment and like other posts) with the group on a regular basis. This helps to contribute to the community, proof that you know your stuff and build your reputation in the group.

Our general advice for posting is to really focus on the reader. Use simple language, keep it short and have one clear call-to-action to achieve the best visibility, exposure and results on your post!

Logo in member wall

Included in your Business membership is your logo on our website in the business section of the member wall.


The full size that we present logos in our member wall is 520 pixels wide by 250 pixels in height. You can provide your logo in this dimension or send us an AI, EPS, PDF or SVG version and we will do it for you!

Click on the button below to send us an email with your logo. Preferably in high resolution and we will add your logo to our website.

It would be great if you could also send us a description about your business, a short description of your services and include a link to your website.

Create your listing on the platform

We have just launched a new platform for locals and tourists to find English speaking professionals in the region. And you have a basic listing on the platform for free!

What information can I add?

You can add a description about your business, upload high resolution photos, add a video and include all relevant links to your website and social channels. Don’t worry too much about a mistake, we also do a quality control check before publishing your listing. You can also always make changes if needed!

How to create my listing?

Click on the button and you will be redirected to the platform where you can create your page.

NOTE: you need to create a new account during the process of creating your page as it’s not linked to the account that you used to sign up for the Business membership.

Answer the interview questions

We would love to get you know better and introduce you to the community. A fun way to do that is by participating in the ‘Member interviews‘ series.

Active introductions

This might not seem related, but it is! We read every interview and of course have a chat with you at the events. Once we know who you are, we start actively introducing you to interesting contacts.

How to participate?

Answer the interview questions and we will create an article about you that will be published on our social channels. We will of course check with you before publishing!

Become a community leader

We are on a mission to expand territory to help more people build a professional network and create business opportunities.

All of this starts with local representatives.

Being a community leader means you will host events in your region when you are available. And this definitely is a great conversation starter to talk about your business.

You don’t have to worry about promotion, apps and automation because we do all that.

Click on the button to find more information about what it takes to become a community leader!

Price lock guarantee

Our Price Lock Guarantee is a commitment to maintaining a consistent membership price for you. Your current monthly or yearly subscription fee is guaranteed to remain the same forever until you cancel – providing you with stability and predictability!

Follow us on social media

Start following us on social media to stay connected. You will find photo dumps of the recent events, announcements of upcoming events, fun contests and simply connect with us. And of course start, we will start following you as well!

We are also working on an exciting video series that will be published on YouTube – stay tuned!

Cancel anytime

We would be very sad to see you go but we understand if you must – no hard feelings. You can simply cancel or change your membership in your online account with Stripe.

Or use the online form on our website and we will do it for you!

Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or need help 🙂

We are so looking forward to meeting you soon!

– Robin & Josh

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